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[Animus Information]

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General Information

The Animus are a collection of beings from other words, that have become compressed together just as this dimension has. They are individual beings, but are so mixed together only a few seem to be capable of independent thought and action. Most of those known seem to be either deities or embodied concepts.

The Animus are responsible for events, but are not responsible for the coming and going of those here. They reside in the Inner City, though some of them leave on occasion; Thalatte, Ekpyrosis, and Aelia have all ventured into the rest of the city. The usually address the city once a month, sometimes twice, before the start of events. Asking for a specific Animus by name has varied results, but one can usually speak to the desired Animus by doing so.

According to Esoteria, each Animus has a 'song', which is only a portion of a completed piece. Each Animus has their own piece, and it is unknown what might occur should all of them be collected and put together in proper sequence and tune.

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Following are descriptions of the known named Animus, their traits, and examples of their interactions with those here so that they can be identified by sight or voice.

Aelia Laelia Crispis

[Audio/Video Sample]

Known as The Orchid, or The Flower. She is responsible for the attack on the city in January. She takes the form of a woman combined with a dragon, and claims to be entirely apathetic about this world and the fate of anyone in it. She is manipulative and her answers should not be taken as truthful. Has been known to make deals with individuals. She was killed, but subsequently returned several months later. She has some reason for not allowing individuals to attempt leaving this dimension, and attacked the last to try to do so.


[Audio Sample]

Known as The Fire, and as The Sword. Greek concept for a cyclic destruction and rebirth of the world. Ekpyrosis speaks on occasion and varies in clarity, but is said to be extremely confused. Was a part of the attack on the city, but seemed under Aelia's control.


[Audio/Video Sample]

Known as The Cat. Greek concept for achieving what one is meant to achieve; may be translated as perfection. He is easy to speak with and receive understandable answers from, is one of the Animus who returns to people to life, and the one in control of death prices. He claims prices are taken depending on what is interesting or useful, or sometimes out of spite, and that they could potentially be returned if he is given reason. Has been known to make deals with individuals if asked. He is prideful, and politeness and reverence yield best results in speaking with him. Following Aelia's 'death' he took over the Inner City, but she later attacked and 'shattered' him.


[Audio Sample] | [Video Sample]

Known as The Fish, and seems to be the sea goddess Tiamat. She is friendly and accommodating, but confused and difficult to get a straight answer from; she seems to be many pieces. She has met several individuals in person, particularly during the event in which the city was flooded, and seemed curious about us; she is generally safe to speak with over the network without issue. She is one of the Animus responsible for returning people from death. May potentially be working with Aelia.


[Audio/Video sample]

Known as The Bird. Is clear and easy to speak with, similarly to Teleos. Seems to be curious but lacking in empathy or compassion toward others. Few details are available as of yet.